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After the recession, Pakistan started to take stock


Apr 5, 2020

KARACHI: The Pakistan stock market finally took control after a month’s worst recession, rising 512 points from the 100 index last week.

According to details, the 100 index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange rose 12.49 percent last week.

The highest level of the index during the past week was 31 thousand 816 and the lowest level 27 thousand 461.

In the last trading week, 1.13 billion shares were traded at Rs 37 billion, with investors gaining 542 billion in the business week.

Market capitalization reached Rs 6016 billion at the end of the business week.

Remember that the entire economy, including the Corona virus stock exchange, is seeing the worst effects, the stock market has been in constant decline for the past one month.

But after the government’s efforts finally took control of the market this week, the stock market saw a rise of 128 points in the 100 index three days ago.

Two days ago, the stock market index was up by 273.94 points while the index was seen to rise by 1277 points in the last trading day.

In the last trading day, the market value of investment increased from Rs 1 trillion 41 billion 26 crore 48 lakh to 60 trillion 16 billion 39 crore 91 lakh rupees.


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