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ISLAMABAD: The bureaucracy can also be held accountable through the Citizen Portal.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a function in Islamabad on the occasion of the two-year performance of Pakistan Citizen Portal. On this occasion, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the team of Citizen Portal and said that during the last two years, The team has done a great job. In these two years, three million people have used the Pakistan Citizen Portal. The Citizen Portal will be further improved to solve the problems of the citizens.

Our local government system does not work

Addressing the function, PM Imran Khan said that a new local government system is being introduced in the country which will lead to revolution, money will be transferred to lower level, then the people of the village will make their own decisions.
The local government system will solve the problems of the people at their own doorstep. The Citizen Portal also revealed that our local government system does not work.

Former dictator

Addressing a function in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that in British countries, the government treats its citizens as it sees fit. In developed countries, the rights of all citizens are the same. It is the duty of the government to listen to the voice of the people who consider themselves dictators.

Accountability of bureaucracy is also possible through the portal

Addressing a function on the biennial performance of Pakistan Citizen Portal, the Prime Minister said that Citizen Portal is also helping in improving the administrative affairs. Citizen Portal also gives us an opportunity to test its performance.

The Prime Minister said that when a police officer commits corruption, people get fed up with it. If a government official, including a DC police officer, asks for money, he should immediately inform the Citizen Portal.
If someone does something wrong, they will be fired, not exchanged.

Overseas Pakistan is a major asset of the country

Addressing the function, the Prime Minister once again termed Overseas Pakistanis as the biggest asset of the country and said that people should take full advantage of the Overseas Pakistani Citizen Portal. Will

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