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Brushing your teeth three times a day was a huge benefit

Seoul: South Korean medical experts have reported daily dental hygiene benefits that no one would neglect to brush.

According to the Daily Mail report, South Korean researchers and medical experts conducted a study on tooth cleansing, which was attended by experts from Seoul Hospital and Iowa Women’s University College of Medicine.

During the research, ten years of data were collected on the toothbrush procedure and the cleaning of their mouths by experts, which experts compared and then compiled the report.
According to research and medical experts, people who brush three times a day have a 14 percent lower risk of developing diabetes.

According to experts, 16 percent of participants who did not brush continuously for 10 years suffered from diabetes and almost all of them suffered gum diseases.

Dr. Tai Jin Tsang, head of the research team, said: “This benefit of toothbrush was seen in people under 51 years of age, there is no difference in people getting older toothbrush and they have diabetes. The risk remains the same. “


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