You people must be afraid because the sea of ​​Awa is coming to Islamabad.

On the third day of the real freedom march, Imran Khan said, “I want the rule of law along with the elections, and I want the rights of the people to be protected. There will be no riots in our march, only criminals.” People are scared, you people have to be scared because the sea of ​​Awa is coming to Islamabad.

Shahbaz Sharif stated that I sent him a message that the army chief should sit and decide why I would send you a message, what is the use of talking to you?

Do you have anything to talk about? Shahbaz Sharif, listen to me, I don’t talk to boot polishers.

I am a politician who fought for 22 years. I did not grow up in the nursery of a military dictator. He did not become the chief minister by pressing.

It was during your time that it became known how big a thief Zardari is and now you have decided to support these thieves. Don’t think that we are sheep and goats, we are not animals, we are human beings. You hold a press conference in support of these thieves. If you stand with these thieves, the people will not stand with you because they do not believe in slaves and big robbers. The nation voted for me in the enmity of these two parties.
I think death is better than slavery. I want the army to be a strong and strong institution. Remember, the army is also mine and the country is also mine. I do not want to harm the army. Whenever I criticize, it is a constructive criticism.

He said that there should be no misunderstanding in India, the nation will never compromise on freedom, the whole nation will go with me in the jihad of our real freedom, our country will become a great country and the foundation of new Pakistan will be laid on justice.

I request the judiciary for the sake of the country to establish the rule of law and bring down those who are above the law. I request the courts to save the country for the sake of God. It is the responsibility of the judiciary to protect the rights of Chief Justice Shahbaz Gul and Azam Swati.

Arshad Sharif was sent out of the country, threatened and killed because he stood on the right path and spoke the truth. Sabir Shakir had to leave the country because his life was also in danger. Rana Sanaullah and the criminals with him are scared.

Addressing the rulers, he said, “Listen, no one comes to spread trouble with families and children. We have the people of Pakistan with us, neither do I ask for help from the US, nor do I ask for help from anyone else. I will accept martyrdom like Arshad Sharif, but I will not accept slavery.

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