What will be new on October 8 that is not now?

On the occasion of his arrival at the Lahore High Court, Imran Khan said in a conversation with the media that on October 8, the economic situation will be fine and terrorism will end. Will it go beyond October 8?

Imran Khan said that once he decided to leave the constitution, after that he can do anything. can also

Ex PM said that now all hopes are tied to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court is the only one standing to get Pakistan out of the law of jungle now there is no other way left.

He said that our people are being picked up and disappeared. terrorism 40 case have been registered against me. Is anyone ready to believe that if I flout the law of terrorism 40 times, then the public will lose faith in justice and the government. If there is no supremacy of law, there is no difference in the republic, the difference between the rich and poor country is the rule of law.

Speaking to the media, Imran Khan said that when he went to appear in Islamabad, he was told at the toll plaza that the gate of my house was broken. The police are also fed up with this. Is such an attack on someone’s house the right thing to do?

He said that 95% of the cases against PDM and People’s Party are from his era. In our era, there was not a single case against Nawaz Sharif, then Ishaq Dar and Shehbaz Sharif were arrested in Panama due to global disclosure. His son-in-law ran away from the country during his time. In our time, only Shahbaz Sharif was registered a case.

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