What is the formula of red and lead?

two men and four women meeting in office

The people of the West say that you should study for the first 30 years of your life and then study and teach for the next 30 years. Its called the read and lead formula. A teacher is like a role model for teachers and students. Everyone who comes to this school is like an inscribed slate and whatever the teacher teaches them, they cannot forget it throughout their life and if they are taught in the right tone and style, then this is the story of their development. They become the best stairs.

These examples are enough to describe the position and ranks of the teacher, but what does the society want from the teacher? About the qualities of a good teacher, Abraham Lincoln said that a teacher is one who prepares the student to face the challenges of future life, but unfortunately, education has become a successful business and a teacher is a successful business. The main teacher is becoming a question mark nowadays, the role of the teacher is very important for an educated society, then in the mixed education system, due to the number of teachers, there are profound effects on the education of boys and girls.

But nowadays, the role of the teachers and the education in the universities has become pathetic, the students and the teachers have forgotten their duties. That is, the teachers do not even know where and how they are doing injustice to their students and how they are failing in their training.

It has become a habit to come to the class every day, the teachers are not interested anymore, the student sitting in the class is a diamond, a bright star of favoritism. Too much, the one who speaks the truth will suffer more. The one who will get good numbers or more compliments will make his own words and upload photos and will be successful.

In my view, today’s teacher has more qualities than the architect of the nation that by looking at the outward appearance, a teacher would have known the character of the student and formed such a wrong opinion. For some students sitting inside, this opinion is completely wrong. It is proved that the students fail due to personal differences between the teachers. If one gives more marks, the other will give less marks. The practice of truth and hard work has ended. Yes, I gave many examples to explain to him, but his words made me think that why is he suspicious of this holy profession? In education, you should read InAllah Wana Ilya Rayjoon. Teachers are requested not to betray your profession, if not yourself. Education is a field in which any kind of irresponsibility should not be tolerated. Words and rude manners should also be avoided. May Allah make our boys and girls successful in getting education. Ameen.