What is Article 124 of the law of the Pakistan uprising?

The Lahore High Court yesterday declared Section 124A of the revolt law invalid and declared the law contradictory to the constitution.

The court’s decision has been welcomed by the individuals belonging to all classes. What is the date of the law and what is its punishment?

Let’s know !!

Pakistan’s renowned and senior journalist Arshad Sharif Shaheed appealed to lawyers across the country to raise a joint voice against the law so that the law could be relieved of this law.

What is the date of this law?

This controversial law was introduced in the region by British imperialism in 1870, which the British used to suppress the voices that were raised against them. Despite this, a case was registered for anyone.

The UK itself had rescued the law in its country in 2009, but this law has been used in Pakistan and India till date.

However, the Supreme Court of India suspended the law in the year 2022, though the law is still present in the sanctions of the two countries,

The punishment of the law of rebellion.

According to the interpretation of Pakistan in Section 124A, the provisions of the legally formed people against the federal or provincial government and hatred in their hearts fall into the category of revolt.

Under this law, the minimum sentence may be three years and maximum life imprisonment with fines if convicted.

According to the Pakistan Penal Code, any citizen tries to hate or contempt people through written or gestures or by appearance or otherwise by writing or outward representation.

The federal or provincial government established by the law can be sentenced to life imprisonment, which can be included or imprisoned for up to three years, which can be included or even fined.

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