What does plasma do?

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While experts around the world are working to develop a vaccine to treat the corona epidemic, plasma therapy is also being used to help corona patients fight the virus.

For plasma therapy, specialists need the blood of a person who has had a coronary heart disease.
That is, the process of boosting the immunity of a person infected with the blood of a patient who has recovered from coronary heart disease is called plasma therapy.

Plasma therapy is also being heard in Pakistan at the moment, but it is not an immediate and effective treatment.

What is plasma therapy?

The transparent part of the blood in the human body that is obtained after the separation of blood cells is called plasma.
It contains antibodies and proteins. Plasma is 90% water and contains 10% antibodies. According to medical researchers, the amount of plasma in human blood is 55%.

What does plasma do?

The plasma in a person’s blood actually helps the cells in the blood and the accompanying protein to float, while the antibodies in the plasma boost the human body’s immune system.

The plasma separated from the blood is yellow in color

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