We are going towards rule of law, Imran Khan.

Addressing PTI’s day of thanksgiving on the Supreme Court’s decision, Imran Khan said that justice has not been done in our country since the beginning. Remember the law is humane society where there is justice.

PDM wants to escape from the election.

Ik said that the PDM group wants to escape from the election. Who those do this will insult the court. Listen, if any effort is made to prevent the election, the entire nation will leave. will come out.

Imran Khan said that these people are trying to make an incident on the Supreme Court, their only attempt is to prevent the election, so they are also creating division in the SC so that they can benefit.

In the past, he attacked Chief Justice Nawaz Sharif and later removed the Chief Justice from his position by using money. This is his second attempt to fight PTI and the establishment somehow.

Starded Propaganda against the families of Supreme Court judges.

When the Supreme Court ordered to hold elections in ninety days, they started threatening and started propaganda against the families of the Supreme Court judges. threaten to.

Imran Khan said that when our government was overthrown, the only problem was that the courts opened at 12 o’clock in the night.

Referring to the country’s economic situation, he said that inflation was 12 percent during our time and today it is 36 percent. The conditions of the salaried class were difficult before, but now the situation has become even worse. These people have no roadmap, what will happen to the country? don’t know

He said that what road map do they have that the situation will improve in the future? They say that we don’t have funds, the economy is falling, so how will the funds come in October? If they happen, then a new mandate comes, people have confidence in the government, here the investors do not know what will happen next month, so who will invest such money, these people are taking Pakistan to a dead end to run away from the election and for their own interests. .

Ex PM ik address was shown live in more than fifty-seven cities of Pakistan. Screens were installed to listen to the address of the former prime minister, where a large number of people listened to the address.

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