WASHINTON apple Releases A Little Low Price iphone

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According to a report by a foreign news agency, the iPhone releasing company has released a new iPhone iPhone SE, which is priced significantly lower than other iPhones.

The company’s low-cost model could attract more consumers to Apple Services, less than the 2.8 percent drop from the Apple Index, while the S&P 500’s share fell 1.1 percent.

The SE has a 4.7-inch display and a single processor chip, but doesn’t have the 5G capability and Apple’s face recognition system to unlock the device, relying on fingerprint sensors like the older model.

It should be noted that the announcement came from the company at a time when the US and the whole world was infected with the Krona virus, while US political leaders talked about eliminating stay-at-home orders and restarting the economy. Has started

The iPhone SE was unveiled in front of the audience, but major events are banned from Apple’s home base in Santa Claus County, California, where government officials have already locked in the United States.

This cheap phone call from Apple reflects the economic outbreak of the virus and the loss of jobs and is priced at $ 399 (66 thousand 533 Pakistani rupees).