Washington Crude oil prices hit the lowest level in the global market

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According to details, the crude oil market in the US crashed, after which the price of crude oil fell below $ 2 a barrel.

WTI crude oil price jumped to $ 0.01 for the first time in history.

On the other hand, oil prices went negative in Canada, after oil companies sought help from the government.

The US economy will not make a difference by falling oil prices

The US economy won’t make a difference by falling oil prices.

He said that oil prices seem to be 85% of the world at home. Oil delivery and storage in the world is expensive at the moment.

Economists said today prices are to such a degree that total prices will again be higher then Pakistan has not imported oil for over a month. Pakistan has little use of oil at this time. It will be good if the oil is bought today and imported for the next 10 days.

The biggest thing is oil storage. Oil delivery is also important. Oil prices will suffer the most damage to Arab countries. Arab countries earn most of the oil. Will be damaged.

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