Valuable Stunning Who will become the PM of the Federation?

Social media trends and Pakistani media, in the preliminary results, independent hopefuls were heading for victory with a huge majority, including NA 71 Rehana Dar vs PML-N leader Khawaja Asif and NA 130 Nawaz Sharif vs PTI-backed woman.

The surprising results of these constituencies surprised Yasmin Rashid Mudd, as independent hopefuls were on their way to victory with a huge majority, but the result came to a halt within a few hours.

The delay in the results by the Election Commission has given rise to a new debate and doubts among the people of Pakistan.

Due to the delay on the part of the Election Commission, the political aspirants in a few constituencies had declared their self-made victory, but what is noteworthy here was that the Muslim League-N was expressing complete satisfaction on social media. No good news was announced on their social media accounts except one or two.

However, the sun of Friday morning rose with sadness for the people, in which the independent candidates who won with a huge majority till night will start losing in the morning and the losers will start losing, in which the leader of Muslim League-N Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was successful from NA 130. However, the surprising results of NA-71 had turned the dice. Instead of Rehana Dar, PML-N leader Khawaja Asif won from NA-71.

Unofficial results so far, out of the 272 seats of the National Assembly, independent candidates are in the first position with 95 seats, while the Muslim League-N is in the second position with 67 seats, while the Pakistan People’s Party is in the third position with 52 seats in the National Assembly.

It should be remembered that any political party can form the federal government but the one that has a simple majority i.e. at least 134 seats in the National Assembly and the same political party will need a total of 169 seats to form the government.

This political party will get 35 seats of minorities and women out of 134 general seats, after which it will be able to form the government. The general seats of the National Assembly are 266, while the total seats are 336 by adding the special seats of minorities and women.

Results so far, whether any political party is capable of forming the government in the federation is not certain, however, the support of any political party is necessary to form the government, including the Muslim League-N and the PPP, including the independent candidates.

However, now questions arise that whether the People’s Party will unite with the Muslim League-N? According to the scenario so far, PPP does not want unity with PML-N, so is there any other party in power with which PML-N or PPP will be able to form the government Independent candidates are very important. The hopefuls elected from 95 constituencies of Pakistan are supported by PTI.

There are assets who have got the public mandate with an overwhelming majority due to the support of PTI, so the question arises whether the founder PTI is the last straw in making Imran Khan the government. Contact has to be made to form the government because PTI has a large base to form the government.

Whether founder PTI will form alliance with PPP or Muslim League-N to form a federal government is also a big question mark, but PPP’s statements show that they consider independent candidates supported by PTI to be very important and want to form a government with them.