Valuable Stunning Durefshan Why leaving dramas before starting her film.

In a recent interview, Darfshan Saleem mentioned that she was offered film roles before dramas, and she even signed one film. However, she decided not to work on it, expressing gratitude after its release that she did not participate in the film.

Darfshan Saleem didn’t disclose the film’s name but mentioned she has signed another film, withholding its details, including release information. She emphasized her reluctance to act in films portraying objectionable roles for women.

She stated that a month after auditioning, she was offered a role in dramas, marking the beginning of her career with the 2020 drama “Dilruba.”

Despite central roles in multiple dramas post its release, Darfshan declined offers, believing actors shouldn’t be limited to one drama at a time.

Acknowledging minimal struggle to enter the drama industry, she highlighted her belief in presenting societal stories in films, opposing item songs. Darfshan clarified her stance, affirming she won’t support item songs in films, despite being a dancer herself.

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