Valuable Purely desi ghee made at home with easy.

Big fakes keep coming out in the name of desi ghee because it takes a lot of effort and time to prepare the said ghee, but now this problem has become easier.

By the way, the women living in our villages perform the work of preparing desi ghee very skillfully, but a large number of urban women find this task very difficult.

Today we are telling you how to make desi ghee at home easily and in less time, for which there is no possibility of any kind of labor because we will prepare this ghee with the help of pressure cooker in just ten minutes to make ghee at home. In the process
Collecting the top and putting it on the stove after waiting for hours, sifting it through a sieve is a very difficult task and also time consuming.

The ghee made at home is pure and healthy, therefore women who are able to change the traditions that have been going on for years prepare it themselves.

Recently, a video that has gone viral on social media with 28 million views has made this problem of women easier. Now ghee can be made in a pressure cooker, so now you can make ghee easily in 10 minutes.

For this, first put the top in the cooker and add a little water and cover it. When the pressure cooker whistles, remove the lid, add baking soda and boil it for a while. Check it out, the delicious ghee is ready.

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