Valuable IND got a huge majority in the National Assembly.

Independent candidates supported by PTI won 100 seats, Muslim League-N is second and People’s Party is third.

Election Commission of Pakistan has released the results of 253 of the 265 seats of the National Assembly, while the results of twelve seats are yet to be announced.

According to which the independent candidates supported by TI completed a century of success and 100 independent candidates succeeded in reaching the National Assembly.

Official results so far, PML-N is second and PPP is third.

Muslim League-N has so far won seventy-one seats in the National Assembly, PPP has won 54 seats, while MQM-Pakistan has won three seats, JUI-F has three seats, and the Stability Pakistan Party has won two seats.

Balochistan National Party Majlis Wahdat al-Muslimeen and PML Zia could win one seat each, according to the results so far, no party has been able to get a simple majority to form the government.

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