Useful healthy drinks to boost haemoglobin and anaemia.

pink liquids served in drinking glasses

1.Beetroot Juice.

Rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals, beetroot juice can help increase hemoglobin levels.

2.Spinach Smoothie.

Spinach is a great source of iron, and blending it into a smoothie with fruits like berries adds vitamin C, enhancing iron absorption.

3.Pomegranate Juice.

Pomegranates are rich in iron and vitamin C, aiding in the body’s ability to absorb iron and boost hemoglobin.

4.Liver Detox Tea.

Combining dandelion root, nettle, and burdock root in a tea can support liver function, crucial for iron metabolism.

.Moringa tea.

Moringa leaves are packed with iron and other essential nutrients, making them a nutritious choice to help combat anemia.