Turkey’s famous chef Barak crying over the destruction of the earthquake in his country.

A picture is of the famous Turkish chef Barak. On the earthquake in Turkey, he posted a video in which he is appealing for help for the people of Turkey affected by the earthquake.

The whole world shared this video and was appreciated. More and more people are coming to help the victims of Turkey. Only one day after the earthquake, Barak arrived in these areas with a truckload of relief goods and food cooked from his restaurant.

On the other hand, we have pictures of our Pakistani actors from the TV awards, when millions of people were affected by the flood in Pakistan, they had nothing to wear. How many old people died shivering in the cold, then our actors laughing and having fun, taking pictures and making signs of victory, we left for the TV awards in Canada.

Not only the government is the worst here, the people are also the worst. The famous people of any country are the capital of that country. If they get money from here, famous and everything, then they should stand with their people even in the hour of sorrow.

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