Try to control your electricity bills.


Don’t harm your brain by taking a test, but be aware and take practical steps.

High bills are a pain for people but there is a solution.

First, let’s tell you the order of the units so that you know what causes more units.

  1. fridge

If the refrigerator runs for 24 hours, then you will only use 118 units, which means that in twenty-four hours, your bill due to the refrigerator will add about three and a half or four units. Refrigerate from seven to nine.

In this way, you will be able to save around 50 units and if you are afraid that the cooling of the refrigerator will be reduced, you can keep the milk, meat or medicine in the upper freezer compartment.
Don’t store spare items like curry halwa and fruit. Bring a little fresh fruit every day and eat it. Give spare fruit curry etc. to the poor or the villagers so that they can be protected from heart and mind diseases.

  1. fans

Always use ceiling fans only. If you have 3 fans in your house in the morning and evening, i.e. 24 hours, then you will only have 90 units. Instead of sitting in a separate room, create consensus by sitting in the same room and save 20 units per month by closing 2 fans.

Never run stand fans If three stand fans run for 24 hours, 187 units will be only One stand fan is equivalent to running two ceiling fans.

  1. Motor

If the water motor runs for 40 minutes daily, 30 units will be used, but if it is run at night, between 6 to 11 at night, 54 units will be used.

  1. ironing

By running the iron for two hours daily, 55 units will be used, but keep the refrigerator and fans closed while running the iron, and if it is run during the day, 35 units will be used only.

The government of Pakistan is making good money by selling electricity, now you have to see how much electricity you want to pay them.

There are many houses in our country whose houses do not have a refrigerator and their bill comes up to 3000 rupees.

The highest power consumption is on the refrigerator
Now it is up to you how you can reduce your electricity bills.

With strong protest, caution is also necessary because next month’s bill and the bills for the coming months are to be paid twice as much. As long as the people will continue to pay expensive bills in the same way as inflation, water and electricity crises.