Troubled by poverty, a Pakistani-born Jordanian woman suddenly became rich.

The woman account had been accumulating pension money since 2008 of which she was unaware.

Azra Qudsia Kifayatullah Khan, an elderly Jordanian woman of Pakistani descent, reached out to a government agency for help from a poverty-stricken government agency, where she found out that she was rich.

Azra Qudsia was unaware of the fact that there was a huge amount of money in her account.

Emirates Al-Youm, Azra Qudsia arrived in Jordan from Pakistan in the seventh decade of the last century to work as a midwife in Jordanian hospitals.

Even after her retirement, she continued to perform these services voluntarily. Due to ill health, she forgot the date of arrival in Jordan, which caused her difficulties.

Upon her retirement the Jordanian government granted Azra Qudsia Jordanian citizenship in recognition of her 50 years of service Did not know.

Two days ago a major revolution in his life took place when he asked the relevant authorities of the Jordanian province of Al-Mufariq for help.

Now that I am living a life of retirement and health does not allow me to work in this regard, I need government support to make a living he said.

On the same request it was revealed that the pension money in his name has been reaching the bank regularly every month since 2008 and that amount is enough for her to live a comfortable life. Are more than dollars-

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