Toppling the Islamabad government is not a problem. Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid.

This government is standing on only 2 votes. We can remove the government in the morning by imposing rate.

Talking to media Sheikh Rashid said that what happened happened outside the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Sanaullah has registered cases against us in innumerable cities. Maulvi Rana Sanaullah of Madina Town is a special man. A case has been registered there too. Am not afraid of any assassin.

Sheikh Rashid said that in Bhutto era people set themselves on fire in Islamabad. It is possible that on the day of Islamabad call people set themselves on fire. Some people want to set themselves on fire in Long March I want to keep the situation cool.

People are not ready to see the form of Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif has spoken against the army 14 times. The army keeps the matter in its heart. No one forgets from below. I was a member of the National Security Council. Where the four chiefs were present, they say that there has been interference. There has been no conspiracy.

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