To make the process of acquiring knowledge easy and enjoyable for children, teachers should be aware of modern teaching methods.

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Education expert Ramsha Khawaja said that repetition is not a good idea for a child, self-confidence is very important, as much as I need confidence, a child also needs it.

He said that it is not right to tell a child that you are not capable of doing something. Children should always be encouraged that you can do it. When your friend is doing it, so can you. There is a need to make education enjoyable.

Elaborating on his point, Ramsha further said that come up with some activities that keep the child interested. When the child comes to school, he is given books, but when he is at home, he is given access to mobiles and various gadgets. There is a big difference between these two environments. The classroom should also be a place where the child comes happily.

Another teacher expressed that if there are 20 children in a class, 10 of them are good in writing and 10 in science, but writing skills need to be developed in all children if the child is initially interested in writing. If not, he should be asked to draw a picture of his favorite animal, which will give the children a thick vision.

He said that the child should not be told that he cannot write. If the child has made a cat as his favorite animal, then he should be asked if you can tell the characteristics of this animal and tell about its color why. That children are different, if a child is not good at writing, he may be better at science.

The educationist said that if science and English are connected to each other, the child can learn a lot.

Ramsha Khawaja said that if a child is weak in all subjects, it is dangerous, but if he is weak in a few subjects, he should be helped in these subjects, you should change the teaching method. And try to make it easy for the child in the beginning.

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