Three mice have gone out to hunt, they will hunt themselves.

Addressing the Hafizabad rally Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he congratulated the PTI officials on the glorious gathering and congratulated the workers on this glorious gathering. Why did I need to enter politics? Allah had given me everything.

Pakistan was made for a great purpose until they understand the purpose they will not become a nation without ideology there is no nation they are a mob when nation deviates from ideology that nation is destroyed we had to become a great nation ideology of pakistan Allama Iqbal made it clear that we had to build on the ideology of the state of Madinah. The state of Madinah led the world for a long time.

PM said that Allah has told the people to stand with the good and fight against the evil. It will not stand against evil. Evil will increase there. Evil will increase. That nation will not move forward. When a nation does not stand against oppression, then oppression will increase. Nation will not do anything against corruption. Corruption will increase. I have been preaching in the nation for 25 years. If we want to become a great nation, then everyone must support goodness.

Imran khan said that the leader never bows down in front of anyone. The legs of the Prime Minister here are trembling in front of the American President.

PM said that Fazlur Rehman said that Imran Khan committed great injustice. Look at Shahbaz Sharif. He wears suit in front of the Western Embassy. Shahbaz Sharif says that Imran Khan committed great injustice. Criticized Imran Khan has done great injustice Bilawal says oh yes Imran Khan has done injustice to Pakistan He said that I know the western mentality from the inside.

PM said that the world does not respect the country which does not respect itself. In our country more than 400 drone strikes were carried out in ten years. Nawaz Sharif has not once condemned drone strikes. An terrorist has been sitting in London for 30 years. This terrorist killed Pakistanis in Karachi. I said you will allow us to carry out drone strikes and kill him in London. Doesn’t it allow us to come here and carry out drone attack? They were told to hand it over to us and then they are asked to prove it in court.

He said that it should be made clear that Pakistan should have good relations with every country. My responsibility is to protect the interests of Pakistan. I will never allow anyone to harm my country to please anyone.
PM said that for the first time in 50 years, dams are being built in Pakistan. Ten big dams are being constructed in the country. will be done.

PM said in his address that the three rats have gone out to hunt and they will go hunting themselves. Instead of overthrowing the government these three rats will go hunting themselves.