Threats are being made from an unknown number and attempts are being made to intimidate.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former prime minister Imran Khan, while addressing a large election rally in Khushab in connection with the Punjab by-elections, said that a telephone call with an unknown number was being used to intimidate and frighten him. The mission of a man sitting in Lahore is to somehow win the election for the thieves.

Imran Khan said that Mr. X is sitting in Lahore, I will say no, guess for yourself, he also committed fraud in 2013, then he was awarded the head of anti-corruption. No matter what they do, God willing, we will defeat them.

I am also telling the people of Lahore to do whatever you want. You will only humiliate yourself. People will say bad things about you. Do as much rigging as you have to do. This status of the already unconstitutional Chief Minister will also end and go back.

It was also said that these journalists are intimidating politicians and spreading terror, but listen carefully, we are the people who will never enslave America. This is not an election, but a real war for Pakistan’s freedom. The Sharif brothers and their children have never done anything honestly.

Corruption in business, election fraud, lies in the courts.

He said that the conscious citizens of Khushab have to promise that they have to defeat one loot and one loot here. You all have to take the responsibility of defeating them because these people trade their conscience and the price of conscience. This is a war not only of Imran Khan but of all of you. You have to keep 10 strong and courageous young men at every polling station for surveillance.

Every polling station has to be guarded and all their attempts at rigging have to be thwarted. Despite the rigging, the result will come on July 17, so God willing, victory will be ours. To invest

Imran Khan said that buffaloes and car thieves go to jail here but the big robbers who stole billions of rupees from the country were put on top of us and 22 crore people were insulted where small thieves were put in jail and big robbers If NRO is given then the country and the nation are destroyed. The biggest principle for the success of the country is the justice system created by Allah Almighty.

Today, corrupt people like Shahbaz Sharif, fugitives like Nawaz Sharif and diseases like Zardari are returning to the country. Fazlur Rehman talks about Islam and sells his conscience on diesel permit. Will not.

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