This is the Pakistan of the poor people.

When I showed this picture to my old Bengali friend.

I used to get angry whenever I met Bengali people. How were these people? They broke our country for their own benefit. They were poor. They felt this hatred. I sat down and talked to my friend and told him what is going on in Pakistan. He smiled after listening to everything and said that what is happening to you people is not even 5% of the cruelty that is happening to us and in the coming days, you people. You will feel what happened to us, now only the first page of this book of cruelty is being read.

If you give a dollar to this nation, even the mother will be present. For a dollar, they have done a hundred times more cruelty to Pakhtuns and Balochs, then Punjab did not listen to us. It has arrived. Let’s see how long we can bear it.

With all the Bengali Pakhtun and Baloch brothers, these dishonest people blindfolded us. The whole world, India, America, Iran, Afghanistan used to call them Dugla. We did not understand that God has removed the blindfold from our eyes.

It was the Election Commission that played against Pakistan in 1970 when Sheikh Mujib’s Awami League was not allowed to participate in the elections in West Pakistan, the first step towards the partition of Pakistan. Bengalis were the founders of Pakistan but lived like slaves.
The country is bleeding, there is an economic crisis, but this occupying organization is happy.
Tyrants and tyrants, this is the Pakistan of the poor people.

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