This is Alina of Lahore.

He took a degree in social sciences. While studying at university, people found out that she was a caste cobbler and her father was involved in the same business, so she was ridiculed as low caste and given unknown titles.

He looked for a job after his degree but couldn’t find it
So started helping my father in his business, learned to make and repair shoes, built a shop which is now a double storey and now earns Rs 4/5 lakh per month. Proud.

Alina we are proud of you keep up the good work.
People like you are the backbone of our society.

  1. People shouldn’t have made fun of me.
  2. No one should be considered inferior.
  3. There is greatness in hard work.
  4. In every decision of Allah, there is some expediency.

See now she is running her own shoe business, otherwise she would have been humiliated in the job cycle and she would have been humiliated even after getting a job.

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