This country was not made for the slavery of Hindus and British.

Ex PM Imran Khan said that when I call you, you should be fully prepared. This is not politics. It is jihad. You have to go from house and preach. Will not bow down.

He said that standing firm in front of someone is the biggest form of idolatry. If they bow down before anyone other than Allah then it means that they worship idols. Do not be afraid of the provision. And to stand on the right path, Allah has not allowed us to be neutral anywhere. It is better for Allah to resign than to go against the conscience of freedom.

Imran Khan said that no enemy could do such thing as was done in the long march. Seeing the sea of ​​people, their legs started trembling. Affected were the terrorists in the Long March who were subjected to such torture. Peaceful citizens went out to protest.

The government was imposed on us due to outside conspiracy. We do not believe in this government. It turned out that the big bandits were imposed on them. The police did not believe them. They were going against their conscience. They are slaves of jobs.

In our time there were 3 long marches, sometimes diesel would come out, sometimes trembling ones would come out, but we did not stop anyone from long marches.

These people talked about my caste. What difference does it make? Today even I have more respect than them. These people can’t go out. The biggest disease is Asif Zardari sitting here. One is sitting in London. ۔

Imran Khan said that Allah has liberated man. Pakistan was built on one slogan. Quaid-e-Azam had fought for Pakistan. He wanted us to get out of Hindu slavery. This country was not built because Go into slavery The country must be free from these thieves.

This government has increased the prices in 2 months as much as we did in 3 and a half years. Oil prices have been increased by Rs. 60. The price will continue to rise. People have taken it out. Now it is known that Shahbaz Sharif used to make as much progress in advertisements.

In order to win the election, they are still making a game by rigging. I have saying from day one that this game is being played for NRO 2. And FIA Director Dr Rizwan dies of heart attack Prosecutor Zulqarnain also had a heart attack but survived.