These people will play my role after Eid
Former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Addressing the Workers Convention in Multan, Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that this mafia has been operating in two ways for 35 years now. A book was written against me by giving. Now these people will destroy my character after Eid.

Imran Khan said that Sharif Mafia threw fake pictures of Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto. The same mafia launched a campaign against this woman who came to Pakistan as a Muslim and became a Jew.

He said that a gang of thieves was imposed along with Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq. Shahbaz Sharif was imposed because it never goes against the interest of outside forces. 400 drone strikes were carried out. He said that we have to thwart this conspiracy and hold elections in the country. He said that the people should decide who should govern the country.

The PTI chief said that Shahbaz Sharif is the man who has 40 billion corruption cases against him. Imposing the thief mafia is an insult to our 22 crore people. I will tell the nation how many cases there are and how much money they have stolen.

The former Prime Minister further said that Islamabad March must be successful. My call for Islamabad will decide the future of the country whether to remain free or become a slave. This will be the most important movement for real freedom in 75 years. Workers have to prepare South Punjab for Islamabad. I challenge the sea of ​​3 million people to come to Islamabad on my call.

This is not a war of PTI but a war of independent Pakistan. If we want to be an independent country then we have to be ready for struggle because if we do not fight for an independent country then Allah will keep it You have to prepare children for the real liberation movement.

The former prime minister said that one war is fought with weapons and the other with language. We will fight against this mafia with our own language and prepare the people, especially the lawyers. ۔

He said that farmers have never benefited as much in our time as in our history. The farmers are not getting diesel as soon as the imported government comes. Now it will make petrol and Fazlur Rehman more expensive. He said that all efforts have been made to form South Punjab province. He said that the bill of South Punjab province has been tabled in the assembly.