there is no good quarantine for the fisherman from the sea so the government should allow hunting

According to the report, the Fisherman Cooperative Society said at a news conference in Karachi that the Sindh government did not plan the lockdown at the right time but did not plan, if the city was not tightened, we would have faced situations with which The world is suffering.

He said that the lockdown could lead to more problems. Karachi Harbor was quoted as saying that it would remain open. We are trying to keep up with the limited resources, but due to the lockdown, the people office. Not coming

The chairman said that we were following social distance and other tactics on social media. The video was of the early days, because those days the coastal belt other than Karachi Harbor was banned but work was in progress.

He said that the fishermen are successful. If the ration is not provided then there is no place on our channel. A good quarantine can’t be any other

Abdul Barbar said that if the government shut down the fish harbor in view of the current situation or if the fishermen have resources available to allow hunting, they can do coastal screening in 15 days.

He said that the total daily screening capacity in the province is 2 thousand, it can be 20 thousand through the Pool Test. There is no one to work with and to give good advice