The wave of terrorism in the country for years.

Terrorism has been going on in the country for years. During the PPP regime, two to three blasts were common every day. The whole of Pakistan was resounding with the thunder of blasts. The terrorists were eliminated after a series of military operations from Zarb-e-Azb to the day of salvation, after which they were confined to their hideouts.
But the black sheep in the national organs, known as the facilitators, are still helping these terrorists to spread instability in the country by helping them.

They are often rounded up after receiving intelligence reports. If they die during the operation, it is said that those in uniform killed innocent people.
If caught, they are released on the grounds that there was not enough evidence against them, and ironically, when military courts sentenced them to death, human rights contractors became the shackles on our feet, and sometimes when these same beasts If they succeed in their nefarious aims, then again human rights contractor Linde’s liberals and political mattresses all point fingers at the security agencies. She keeps issuing certificates of guilt. Why are they silent at this time?

They have the rights of terrorists but not the rights of ordinary citizens who were martyred in a suicide attack during Friday prayers?

Where is the justice and fairness of the rights of an innocent and innocent citizen while caring for the rights of a terrorist?

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