The water extremity also came serious after the power outage.

Despite the heat surge the inflow of water in the gutters is veritably low and water storehouse in Tarbela and Mangla heads has also been depleted.

According to IRSA sources Punjab and Sindh are facing space of 54 of water. Last time, the inflow of water in these gutters was cusecs while at present the aggregate inflow of water in gutters is cusecs.

Those in days last time the water storehouse in the heads was 3 million acre bases which moment has been reduced to only acre bases.

It has been reported that IRSA has also reduced the water share of the businesses according to which Punjab is being handed cusecs rather of cusecs and also Sindh is being handed cusecs rather of cusecs.

Water extremity is likely to negatively affect the cotton and sugarcane crops. Drinking water may also be depleted in southern Punjab and Sindh.

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