The very easy way to get Twitter X Blue Tick.

a white dice with a black x on it
  1. Blue Tick does not have to be followers. Totter must be active then you can apply for Blue Tick.
  2. For Blue Tuck you have to click on the Varfide X option on your profile
    There will be an option Indojol or Organization you have to select Indojol and press the Subscribe button.
  3. Then you will give your Varfide Mobile Ved Country Code
    Then you have to select your Country with postal code.
  4. You must have a debit or credit card for the payment.
  5. You get a one -month Blue Tick at the beginning so you can understand and understand all these things, and before the month you apply for the second month either apply or keep your credit card open.
  6. Blue will take four to five days to get hit.
  7. Can’t change your profile after taking a blue tick.
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