The verity is always exposed in your home.

The intelligence agency presented the names of 25 members to the high minister, including two civil ministers from Upper Punjab who assured the opposition of a vote.
After the expatriation of members with large totalities of plutocrat party tickets were assured.

Seven members were given this task, seven of whom belong to PML-N.
Pakistanis will recall that two months agone, the US Deputy Secretary of State paid an important visit to Pakistan in which he’d separate meetings with the leaders of all the political parties of Pakistan. He’ll not come under pressure nor will he call the US President a yes master.

That’s why Biden didn’t call Imran Khan directly but tried to pressurize some people by intermediating in which Pakistan was removed from the argentine list inFATF.However also Saudi Arabia had to demand back its 2 billion and try to suppress Imran Khan by assessing strict conditions on the IMF If not.
When the adversaries of Islam failed in all their strategies they decided to communicate Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq as usual and together with all the political parties of Pakistan said that you should remove Imran Khan from power as much as you can. Our first attempt was to present a no- confidence stir before Imran’s visit to Russia so that Imran Khan couldn’t go to Russia and indeed if he did, he couldn’t be a part of any other bloc. Despite this, the opposition parties couldn’t agree on the cycle of taking their share and Imran Khan reached Russia.

The only reason the superpower can not control Imran Khan is because it has no business or investment in the US or Europe that could be snared down or there’s a fear of illegal plutocrat laundering cases or discipline.

Pakistan’s media is all vended out their backing and support is done by NGOs of these countries, so the real news to the people and the game being played behind the scenes aren’t allowed to be seen by the innocent people and the ignorant people inadvertently oppose Imran Khan. She puts the security and independence of her own country at stake because the knowledge rate in Pakistan is veritably low and indeed those who are knowledgeable rather using their smarts believe what the adversary in front of them says.

There’s only one challenge for Imran Khan and that’s affectation which is faced not only by Pakistan but also by the whole world. Thank God everyone saw that Imran Khan saved the country’s frugality from collapse despite the Karuna lockdown in the world. The world was saying that GDP growth would be-1.9-but Pakistan did great and achieved3.9 Has succeeded in changing the direction of the country, which is now being witnessed by economists around the world.

Still also by 2030 Pakistan will be standing there which isn’t easy to imagine, If the people understand all these effects and stand shoulder to shoulder with Imran Khan. God willing, by 2030 Pakistan will start exporting further than 100 billion bones annually.

And if people the support it and it happens also Pakistan will soon come a super power of Islamic countries and will appear on the world chart which will affect the yea and no world. If Pakistanis miss this occasion also for coming 100 times. No bone will be suitable to free this nation from the chains of slavery.