The Supreme Court annulled the ruling of Dost Muhammad Mazari in the Punjab Assembly.

The Governor of Punjab has been ordered to take the pledge of the new Chief Minister by 1130tonight.However, also the President of Pakistan Pervez Elahi will take the pledge, If the Governor can not take the pledge.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandyal while delivering the decision said that we’ve written a brief decision containing 11 runners. It’s also unconstitutional, the press formed is also illegal.
It has been said in the court decision that Hamza Shehbaz should vacate his office incontinently, the Governor of Punjab should take pledge of the new Chief Minister by 1130today.However, also the President will administer the pledge to the new Chief Minister, If the Governor doesn’t take the pledge.

A 3- member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, headed by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, heard the Deputy Speaker Rowling case. It was supposed to be blazoned at 45 twinkles past noon, which was delayed.
During the hail this morning the Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that the demand for the conformation of the full court is like a delaying tactic. It’s clear from reading the constitution that the instructions have been given by the administrative party and no farther legal argument is demanded to answer this question..

At the morning of the hail, Deputy Speaker’s counsel Irfan Qadir said that my customer’s instruction isn’t to be a part of the court proceedings.
On behalf of Farooq Naik the court was also informed about the boycott of the proceedings, on which the Chief Justice spoke to Farooq Naik that he’s not a party to the case, after which the court called Parvez Elahi’s counsel Ali Zafar to the stage.

Umar Atta Bandyal said that no legal defense was presented before us for forming a full court only arguments were given in the court about following the instructions of the party chief. We decided that there’s no need to form a full court in the present case. Who can give instructions to the members? Reading the constitution, it’s clear that the instructions are given by the administrative party.
Durther no legal arguments are demanded to answer this question. They would prefer to complete the case soon. Forming a full court is like subjugating the case to gratuitous adjournment. have been

He further said that for governance and resolution of the extremity, they want to deal with the case snappily, it wasn’t a question of who would give instructions in the interpretation of Composition 63A.
CJ asked Ali Zafar’s counsel that what does the constitution say about whose instructions to bounce? This on Ali Zafar said that according to the constitution, the administrative party gives the voting instructions. CJ asked whether the administrative party is separate from the party leader. Ali Zafar said that administrative party and party leader are two different effects.

Administrative party doesn’t take any decision on its own, the decision of the party is communicated to the administrative party in the light of which it takes the decision.
Judge changing his opinion constantly doesn’t set a good illustration. There should be uniformity in the judge’s opinion. I’ll change my opinion only when concrete reasons are given. Can Supreme Court be bound by the opinion of 8 out of 17 judges? A maturity of the full court bench didn’t agree with the direction given by the party chief.

CJ spoke to Ali Zafar that the court needs support on the instructions of the party chief or on the directions of the administrative party support on legal questions or differently we will separate from this bench. musketeers who know me know that I treat my work as deification. The sitting gentlemen have unanimously transacted the court proceedings thankfully there’s enough grace left to sit to hear the court proceedings.
Court suspended the hail until half once two after which the hail proceeded , Ali Zafar gave arguments and said that the party head will take action against the defecting members under Composition 63 A. The party head sends a protestation against the defecting members.

Justice Ijaz remarked that if a member isn’t suggested according to the party policy he should abdicate and come back.
CJ of Pakistan said that the powers are transferred only through the party head, there’s no mistrustfulness that the party head has an important part, but the instructions for voting are given by the administrative party head.

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