The role of Russian and Chinese intelligence against US conspiracies in Pakistan.

Protesters in Moscow against US intervention in other countries and in favor of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan also carried posters of Imran Khan and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to sources the demonstration was organized at the behest of the government. We are concerned about the current political situation in Pakistan and want the Khan government to fulfill its constitutional term in Pakistan.

Yesterday on social media platforms in Turkey the people of Turkey made Imran Khan a top trend in expressing their love for Imran Khan.

Truth be told pride is a big thing where if you are proud in a world full of shamelessness then you are needed by the world and today in Pakistan and in Pakistan the leadership of Imran Khan is needed by the people of Pakistan as well as the United Nations. .

It would not be wrong for me to use the word that Pakistan is the Key Player of the world at this time and the countries wanting relations with Pakistan should see the leadership of this Key Player country in the hands of an honorable leader.

I want those who can not only protect their interests but also not allow their investment in Pakistan to be at stake. That is why I am sure that insha’Allah the government of thieves will not come again in Pakistan. Now the situation is not that Pakistan will return. Tolerate them.

The Americans also felt the need to return their dollars when there was no no-confidence motion. The answer was that our slaves were full.

Then Ayaz Sadiq was made the speaker and the members were counted and he showed his majority to the Americans. Now the Americans are astonished.
How is it possible that Imran Khan will still work for 15 days as the Prime Minister?

Sources in Islamabad have said that the Americans have been asking from various quarters about the impetus of PM Imran Khan. It will be too late. The Americans were knowingly playing with 40-year-old Pakistan. Did they know that now there is a lion hunter ahead?

The Americans did not even understand General Musharraf. General Musharraf also gave him a lot of dizziness. The Americans still do not understand Musharraf’s game.

Meanwhile according to Russian officials, they are keeping a close eye on the situation in Pakistan and are closely monitoring the situation in Russia.
Cooperation with the caretaker government will continue.

According to Russian intelligence sources, in the coming elections there will be full interference from the United States and the tool of this interference will be the current opposition. Zardari has made a deal with the United States for three years.
Working on the US agenda

Russia should not leave a clear field for the US in Pakistan. Russian and Chinese intelligence should play a full role against US conspiracies in Pakistan. The Pakistani people will fully support it.