The ‘REAP’ method is a mnemonic device.

woman holding book

That can be used to study and retain brand new information effectively. It stands for:


Begin by thoroughly reading the new information. This initial pass helps you get a sense of the content and its structure.


Engage with the material actively. Take notes as you read or highlight key points. Ask questions and try to understand the main concepts and ideas. This process helps you to actively participate in the learning process rather than passively reading.


After you’ve engaged with the material, it’s time to analyze it. Complex break down concepts into smaller more manageable parts. Identify the main ideas and supporting details.

Look for patterns, connections, and relationships between different pieces of information.


Take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned. Think about the significance of the information and how it relates to your existing knowledge or experiences This step helps to deepen your understanding and commit the information to memory.

Applying the ‘REAP’ method to studying brand new information helps you approach the learning process in a systematic and comprehensive way.

It encourages active engagement with the material, critical thinking, and reflection, all of which are essential for effective learning and retention.

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