The National Assembly passed the Contempt of Parliament (Majlis Shura) Bill 2023.

The Contempt of Parliament Bill 2023 has been passed in the National Assembly by majority vote. When the session started under the chairmanship of Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Chairman of the relevant Standing Committee of the National Assembly Rana Qasim Noon presented this bill in the House.

While endorsing the bill, government member Rana Tanveer said that this bill is the need of the hour. Parliament is being continuously insulted and the members of parliament are not being given importance. This insult should be punished, which should have been done a long time ago, it happened today. Is

The members of the House approved the Contempt of Parliament Bill 2023 clause by clause, after which the bill was approved by majority vote.

After the approval of the bill, Qasim Noon, the initiator of the bill, said that today is a historic day for the Parliament of Pakistan. Curses were sent in this House in the last regime, but the House is still standing on its feet. If they are active, the honor of the House will increase.

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