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The meteorological department has now prognosticated the severest downtime in the country.


Sep 1, 2022 , ,
focused photo of a snow flake

The Department of Meteorology says that under the influence of climate change, every season will come more severe this time, and the cold wave will also be severe.

Pakistanis affected by extreme heat, torrential rains and ruinous cataracts won’t get good news indeed after the rainfall changes, as the Meteorological Department has now prognosticated the worst downtime in the country.

The Meteorological Department has prognosticated an increase in dry rains this time due to climate change, as well as increased threat of heatwaves bursting of glacial lakes, cataracts and posterior cold swells.

According to the Department of Meteorology, the goods of climate change have started in Pakistan, which can not be ignored. And under the influence of climate change, every season will come more severe this time.
Meteorological Department has sounded the alarm and prognosticated that after the unusual rains, the country will now witness severe cold wave during the downtime.

Department of Meteorology expressed the fear of extreme cold swells and said that this time every season will be more violent than usual, the intensity of heat, cold and rains will also increase, while the circumstances of ice lake detonation may also increase.

Experts say that similar events will be every time now and their intensity and number will also increase. Climate change is what has started in Pakistan now.


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