The imported government destroyed everything within a month of coming to power.

M. Mohsin

The imported government is laying the rubble of its failure on Imran Khan. In Imran Khan’s government, the dollar was running between 184 and 186 dollars. As soon as the imported government came, the dollar started flying. The government stopped C-Pack as soon as it arrived on the orders of the US, while the ongoing C-Pack work of China was completely stopped by attacking the Chinese in Karachi.
Two thousand Chinese have quietly returned to China from Karachi Airport on the night of 27th Ramadan after the Karachi blast.

At the same time, the construction work of five dams has slowed down and as soon as Shahbaz Sharif became the Prime Minister, he changed the contractors of all the projects overnight.

While the Imran Khan government had left Rs 22 billion in the exchequer, now only Rs 15 billion is left out of the Rs 22 billion which the imported government is rapidly eliminating. Names have been removed from ECL overnight

The Imran Khan government has maintained the subsidy of Rs 446 billion in petrol till June. The imported government is going to end this subsidy by May 15 on the order of IMF, which will increase the price of petrol above Rs 250. Imran Khan is putting on the government with great cunning.

But the people are watching all these media on social media with their own eyes. If Muftah Ismail had become the Minister of Finance, why did the IMF run away from Saudi Arabia and the UAE fled? With July this August.

Musharraf had left ڈالر 59 dollars. Thief Nawaz Sharif increased Rs. 110 and gave Rs. 123 to Imran Khan. Imran Khan increased it by 44% in three years. Imported government is responsible for the destruction of

Imran Khan in his three years and six months of government has put Pakistan on the path of rapid development. High economic growth 5.6 The stock exchange was so high that imported government traitors and slaves destroyed everything in a month as soon as they came to power.