The government intends to sell petrol at around Rs 300 per liter.

According to details, economist and former finance ministry spokesman Muzammil Aslam while talking to ARY News criticized the government and said that the outlook was negative in the previous era of PML-N. The government also strengthened the rating during Corona. In 60 days after the departure of our government, the rating became negative.

Debate has been going on for a long time that it would have been cheaper to buy oil from Russia. Two months ago, refineries in Pakistan were getting profit of Rs 10 per liter on diesel. Now refineries are getting profit of Rs 55 per liter. These refineries are in Pakistan and 55% of diesel is produced in Pakistan. Apart from profit from the people, Rs. 30 tax is being collected on diesel.

Muzammil Aslam said that the government does not know what to do. They are just looking at the global rate. The deficit on petroleum products has not been reduced yet. They also want to impose more taxes.

The government will also increase the price of electricity. The next budget day will be worse than yesterday. Pakistan’s exports have fallen by more than 10% in May.

Ex finance ministry spokesman, referring to his tenure, said that in our government, the subsidy on refineries was cut to Rs 24 per liter on petrol and Rs 41 per liter on diesel. ۔

We intended to give petrol card in Ehsas program. They ruined the program.