The facts on the ground are very bad, people, keep your eyes and ears open, Sheikh Rasheed.

Extend redzone to anywhere no use

Sheikh Rasheed said in a special conversation in ARY News program The Reporters that today every man has his own agenda. The person sitting in London has his own agenda. Close the cases.

The killers of Liaquat Ali Khan Benazir Bhutto have not been caught till date. It is the international establishment’s attempt to destabilize Pakistan. Maintaining stability in Pakistan is the responsibility of every Pakistani including the institutions.

The situation that is taking place is frightening

He said that Imran Khan is the only leader who is trying to stabilize the country. The nation’s trust in Imran Khan can be done by seeing the results of the by-elections. If you take it into your own hands, then the people will decide.

Despite the terror spread by the rulers, people came out of their homes and are expressing their decision. The current government has brought Pakistan to a very serious economic crisis.

When Imran Khan said that we don’t have to come to the red zone, he widened the scope of the red zone, so many people will leave Islamabad who cannot be controlled by PDM. Coming to Islamabad.

If even a dead body falls, there will be a lot of damage.

In response to a question, he said that all institutions, including the police, are ours and will give their lives for peace. If even one body falls in the true freedom march, there will be a lot of damage.

Sheikh Rasheed said that there is a request from the Supreme Court that everyone including Imran Khan should sit together and find a solution to the problem.

Imran’s answer regarding martial law is being described in a wrong way. Imran Khan had said that if martial law is to be imposed, what can we do?

Arpar will be held from 15th to 30th November

Sheikh Rasheed warned the nation and said that the facts on the ground are very bad. I tell everyone to keep their eyes and ears open. Politics will also end.

He said that whatever these people do, the problem will not be solved without Imran Khan. There will be 2 votes and it can be a game changer and the court can be held again at night.

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