The European Union has introduced a new online tool for the people of Ukraine.

The European Commission has introduced a new online tool yesterday to make it easier for Ukrainians to find jobs.

During the recent war, 4.2 million refugees from Ukraine have arrived in European countries, where they will be provided with housing, health care and educational facilities.

In this regard, the European Union has introduced an online job search tool, also known as the European Commission Talent Pool, which aims to solve the financial problems of those displaced by the war.

An online job search tool called the European Commission Talent Pool allows war-displaced Ukrainians to upload their CVs for employment.

The online job search tool will connect more than 4,000 employers with national public employment services and private employment agencies.

European Union Employment Commissioner Nicola Schmidt told reporters at a recent conference that five EU countries, including Poland, have joined the project, which currently hosts the largest number of Ukrainian refugees.

He said that the employers in the European Commission are facing shortage of manpower in various sectors, this project can be an important and best resource from which you can attract people.

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