The effects of stress on the body.

woman walking on pathway during daytime

If you are experiencing stress, understand that you are not alone. There are many people around you and around the world who are struggling with depression.

Doctors and psychologists are there to help you deal with stress, but it can be very helpful to know a few important things about stress, after which stress management is for you It could be much easier.

According to the WHO, stress means that your emotions overwhelm you or that you feel a serious threat. This stress can be caused by big problems, such as someone saying that someone did something bad to me. Domestic violence Homelessness Lack of employment Lack of health facilities or social violence etc. Small issues such as domestic disputes, worries about the future, etc.

Its normal to experience stress in daily life but severe stress has a bad effect on our body. Most people experience some unpleasant feelings in stress.

These effects include the following that may appear and alert you


Shoulder and neck pain

No sense of hunger

Something stuck in the throat

Back pain

Chest pressure

Upset stomach

Tension in the muscles

In the case of severe depression, some people feel physically ill such as itchy skin infections, exposure to diseases, or digestive problems.

Many people suffer from severe depression
Can’t focus

Get angry quickly

Can’t sit still

Have trouble sleeping

Feel sad or feel guilty

Get upset


Feeling very tired

Rember that it is a natural process to have painful feelings and thoughts due to stress, but if we get entangled in these thoughts and feelings, it becomes a problem.

The World Health Organization says that the first thing you need to do when you are overwhelmed by these feelings is to start focusing and take a deep interest, for example, if you are drinking a drink. Start Focusing on it and enjoying the taste.