The dollar continued to decline, the rupee became stronger.

1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

According to currency dealers, on the second day of the business week, the value of the dollar decreased by 1 rupee 11 paisa, which made the dollar 289 rupees 75 paisa. came

According to currency dealers, the value of dollar fell by 50 paise to 293 rupees in the open market under the influence of interbank. In the open market, the dollar fell by 37 rupees in 20 days from the record level.

It should be remembered that on the last day of the last business week, the dollar was 295 rupees after a decrease of one rupee in the open market. On September 5, the price of the dollar reached Rs 333 in the open market, the dollar has become cheaper by Rs 37 from the highest level in the open market.

On the other hand, the dollar reached 307 rupees 10 paise on September 5 in the interbank market, the dollar has become cheaper by 16 rupees 45 paisa from the highest level so far. It should be noted that due to the ongoing crackdown against the dollar mafia, the value of the rupee has increased by 4% in the last two weeks and a total increase of more than 12 rupees has been recorded in the value of the rupee.

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