The country, which has been in darkness for seventy years, is now moving towards defaults.


People are losing hope, there is no rule of law in the country, we are rapidly heading towards destruction, the institutions are involved in corruption, the country is getting stuck in the quagmire.

After regime change operation, in eight months of Shehbaz government, factories are closing now, workers are becoming unemployed, dollars are coming from abroad, foreign exchange reserves have reached six billion, debts are increasing, and the IMF has given Pakistan the next loan. By saying that talks will be held in January for installments, they have sounded the alarm of danger for the country’s economy, that is, if Pakistan’s IMF negotiations are successful in January, then the loan installment will be received, otherwise, you can understand what the result will be.

According to the recent report of the State Bank, the reserves decreased from 6.11 billion dollars to 5 billion 822 million dollars. The deposits of commercial banks increased by 1 million dollars to 5 billion 885 million dollars. There has been a decrease, the country’s total reserves have decreased from 12 billion dollars to 11 billion 707 million dollars, the State Bank has reserves of one month’s worth of import bills.

During Imran Khan’s three-and-a-half-year tenure, relations with Afghanistan were good, now where is our foreign policy? It is unfortunate for the country that the foreign minister of the country has been made a person who does not even know how to speak properly. Pune has spent 2 billion rupees on foreign trips. He has traveled all over the world in his first foreign ministry. To improve relations with Afghanistan.

Today, there is a lack of law in Pakistan, justice and fairness have disappeared, the country has defaulted, poverty, unemployment and inflation have reached extremes. No one cares about the country and the people. In severe winter, with the gas crisis, the energy sector is also on the brink of destruction. Thieves come to power and loot the same country as usual. They are engaged in corruption day and night.

As long as the people do not fight against these thieves mafia, they will not wage jihad against this evil, there will be no good future for our country. Justice can never be established in the presence of thief mafia, we will move towards destruction in the same way.