The Chief Justice should say that the cipher is wrong and we will go to the assembly the coming day.

Special interview given to Maria Memon in ARY News program Swaal Yeh Hai, former PM Imran Khan openly bandied numerous important issues including the current political situation of the country including the Audio Lex cipher case.

Former high minister gave a detailed discussion on the audio leaks that have created a stir in the country’s politics and said that the audio leaks are a huge security breach and who’s behind them? I dont know exactly what it is.

Imran Khan said that the Prime Minister’s call is being recorded and made public, so it’s a threat to public security. Recording of the PM may have reached our adversary.

Imran Khan said in the discussion regarding the cipher issue that whatever effects have come up in the cipher, I’ve mentioned them in the meetings. Not to be brought up.

After placing the cipher issue before the National Security Committee, we made public the decision in the National Security Committee to demarsh the cipher. set up out from which country the cipher came.

Cipher is There in which everything is written and it’s also with the Chief Justice. The cipher has also been transferred to the Speaker of the National Assembly. Arif Alvi transferred has the cipher to the Chief Justice. He should say that it’s wrong.

Alternate meeting in of the National Security Committee, Asad Majeed, Pakistan’s minister to the US, was also called. He said that the cipher is correct. This is the product of those who are sitting, on which they’re happy.

I knew it would be all

Imran Khan said that after the imported government came, I was ready that these people will make fake cases against me. So far further than 24 FIRs have been registered against me. All of them are the same. He criticized the government. That they will try to put me in jail and qualify me. I was ready for all these effects. I’ll say this important about them that there’s no republic and no morality among these people.

A bag was prepared to go to jail
The last time I came to know that the police were coming, I had prepared a bag. On the news of the arrest, a large number of people reached Bani Gala. They can arrest me on any rationale.

What did Imran Khan say about the meeting in the President’s House?

Asked Imran Khan that he’d met any important person in the President’s House To He said which I’ll tell the verity, I’ll not tell a taradiddle ask Ishaq Khakwani for the answer.

They will hold this election by disqualifying me
Censuring the government, he said that the demand for the election was from those people when they used to carry sit- sways saying that we’re demanding the election, now they’re running down from the election.

The only purpose of these people’s politics is to secure stolen plutocrat. Am in the biggest peril to stop their theft. They know that I’ll not give NRO in any case. These people have been trying to get NRO for the last three and a half times. For which they blackmailed me of all kinds not to speak in the assembly, don’t stop blackmailing me indeed on the Fatif I advise them that I’m standing in their way and won’t allow them to take the vote.