The best recipe to save salary till the last date of the month.

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(Translated from Arabic)

This is the story of a Saudi young man who was not satisfied with his life. His salary was only 4000 riyals. He was married because his expenses were much more than his salary. As he had to take loans, he was gradually drowning in the mire of debts and he was convinced that now his life would pass in the same condition, despite his wife taking care of his financial condition, but the burden of debts. I find it difficult to breathe.

One day he went to a meeting of his friends, there was a friend who was an opinionated man and the young man said that I used to value the advice of this friend of mine.

He said that I told him my story in words and my financial problems were in front of him.
listened to me and he said that my opinion is that you allocate some part of your salary for charity. This Saudi young man was surprised. He said, Mr. Mujhe has to take loans to meet the household expenses and you are asking to withdraw charity.

Well, when I came home and told my wife everything, she said, “What’s wrong with experimenting? May Allah open the doors of sustenance for you.”

He says that I planned to allocate 30 Rials out of 4 thousand Rials per month for charity and started paying it at the end of the month.

Subhan Allah, I swear that my condition has changed, where I used to live in financial tensions and thoughts all the time, and where now my life seems to have become open, even with easy loans, I used to feel free, such a mental state. Calm down, what can I say.

After a few months, I started to set my life, divided my salary into parts and was blessed like never before. It will go away.

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