Thank you for the name of compulsion.

When Pakistan was created, it was for the Pakistanis, including soldiers and non-soldiers. Unfortunately, as soon as Pakistan was formed, Muslim riots and war broke out in Kashmir. could not

The army thought it appropriate to occupy Pakistan instead of sitting idle. Since then, this occupation has been ongoing during which Pakistan was divided, but the army not only remained firm on its intention and decision, but also continued to implement it with time. The fault of the dishonest anti-patriotic and wealth-oriented politicians of Ibn al-Mutaq has been very prominent on the government, as soon as the influence of these corrupt politicians increases, the looting market is hotter while the economic and political condition of Pakistan starts to soften.

After seeing the condition of Pakistan and the looting of politicians, the army comes forward to put a stop to it. Initially it also brings some reduction in this looting, then under the objective necessity, it appoints its favorite politicians but also the politicians pledged to its service. Together with her, she sometimes washes her hands and sometimes takes a bath in the flowing Ganga.

Thankfully only a few high-ranking officials benefit from the bathing process. Millions of army officers and soldiers are still far away from such waters of the Ganga. May Allah keep them away and deprived.

This series of soft heat is still ongoing
India’s intransigence in the issue of Kashmir from above has also made the effective existence of the army an essential and powerful part of Pakistani politics and society. Understand or administrative necessity compulsion name thanks.

Akhr Baba’s Huda