Suriya most expensive price per ton was 2 lakh 88 thousand 500 rupees.

Surin prices in Pakistan hit a fresh high of 288,500 per tonne, showing an increase of 12,000, with industry citing raw material shortage and prevailing economic conditions.

According to the report of Dawn newspaper, Amreli Steel Limited (ASL) informed the dealers in Lahore region that the price of 9.5-10 mm steel is 2 lakh 88 thousand per ton and the price of steel above 12 mm is 2 lakh 86 thousand. It will be Rs.

Price of 9.5-10 mm and 12 mm steel will be Rs 2 lakh 88 thousand 500 and Rs 2 lakh 86 thousand 500 in Islamabad region from February 2. taking not new orders due to shortage.

Mughal Steel also announced an increase of Rs 12,000 per tonne of ‘rebar’ steel from February 3. Steel union told its business partners that they are not taking new orders from February 3.

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