Stunning Valuable To get education is to increase in age.

boy sitting on bench while holding a book

Health experts know the secret to longevity and have revealed that continuing education leads to longevity.

A global study published in The Lancet Public Health journal reported that the higher a person’s level of education, the lower their risk of early death.

Research by experts has shown that a person’s risk of early death decreases by an average of 2 percent each year they receive additional education.

In other words, people with 6 years of primary school education have an average 13% lower risk of early death. Those with secondary school education have a 25% lower risk, while those with a master’s degree have a 13% lower risk of early death. Having a degree reduces this risk by 34 percent.

The researcher of the study said that the reason for this could be that more education means better employment, more income, better access to health care and taking better care of health.

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