Stunning Valuable News Experts have found great success against cancer.

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Medical experts have achieved great success against cancer, which can help ease the treatment and eradication of this deadly disease.

Deadly Cancer is a disease that kills millions of people every year. Experts around the world continue to research for the treatment and prevention of this disease and the latest reports are that medical experts have got great success in this regard.

According to foreign media, this research has been done at the California Cancer Center City of Hope in the United States, in which researchers have developed a drug that can be helpful in the elimination of cancer and it can be effective in 70 types of cancer and This drug is being considered as a major breakthrough in the direction of easy cancer treatment.

This research has also been published in a medical journal which states that this drug can be helpful in destroying cancer cells in the form of ‘oral chemotherapy’ and what is special about it is that it helps the body to Healthy cells are not harmed.

According to the report, a single pill of the drug can cut through hours of chemotherapy and reduce pain as it targets and destroys only the cells where the cancer is developing. No negative results have been revealed so far in animal and laboratory experiments with this medicine.

The drug has reduced cancer cells in mice with cancerous tumors, while a phase I trial (based on treatment) in humans is ongoing, the researchers said. A first-stage test checks the dosage and side effects of the drug. first pill of the drug (AOH 1996) was given to a patient during the trial in October 2022 and the results are now being investigated.

The chief researcher of this study says that we believe that the results of animal research are not necessarily successful in treating cancer patients, but the results of this drug so far are quite promising.

The researchers also say that in the study so far, it has been found to be very effective in breast cancer, small cell lung cancer and neuroblastoma, and we have used this drug on 70 types of cancer. Tested the effects of which positive results have been revealed in most of them.

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